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And you keep being manipulative.
Anyway, I didn’t see you as an enemy in the beginning, and haven’t intended for you to be such, just someone with a different opinion, but it seems that after you taunted and provoked me from the beginning I was put in the position of being your enemy, although, I don’t know if it’s true to say it cause I am not here to destroy you, but to debate you when I find it may be interesting. So, my opinion is not based on the need to always bash you, I perceived you as being manipulative and using doublethinking in this post, praising me here, on this post in which I happen to be in line with your opinions, while bashing me in posts in which my opinion differs from yours, while I can’t see any difference in the way I argued then from how I argued now. And don’t try to play the victim to Heydolf, you know how you were being sarcastic.
Nevertheless, I don’t have any special hatred for you, despite all your entitlement and stubbornness you don’t come across to me as a bad person by nature. To finish off, I don’t come to BG to create nemesis, although looking back there are some instances in which I was purposefully an asshole to provoke people and see their reaction, or even got somewhat pissed off, but these were just a few cases, I mostly comment to get informed, speak my mind and weight out my paradigm in a debate without thinking if what I am saying is politically correct, a rational debate, not a sophist one in which the best oratorio wins, but it seems that rational debates, in which one at least tries, if not successfully, to leave emotions and pride aside for a while, and use logic, are not the hype. For fucks sake, I am willing to gain knowledge and change my opinions, but how many times, if ever, that happened while debating with you or anybody else.