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Don’t be overdramatic, I said that women have lower IQs on average, not that they are thick. As to degrees, you seem to put so much importance on them that it seems that you didn’t get one, I haven’t seen anybody else, even top professors, rubbing their degrees on other people’s faces he way you do, but here it goes. I study at the best University in Latin America, and have studied in a University in Europe for a while, both institutions between 100 and 200 on the QS World Rank, so not the top of the top but among the 1% best universities in the world, or so the rank says. The course is medium in terms of the level of difficulty to get admitted, although with my grades I had good chances of getting into engineering, at least if I studied for one more year, which regret. Personal grievances aside, I can tell that what you need to get a diploma is persistance. I would say that if you manage to get into the course, through gaps in he system, perhaps transferring from a course in which it’s easier to get admitted or studying compulsively for years or even bribing your way through, you’ll finish the course of you persist, although, some take a long time to do it, quite few are the exceptions, although, they do exist. So I would say that as long as you don’t have an IQ considerably bellow average you can finish the course if you don’t give up, like, probably with an IQ of 85 you can get a degree in an average University, and in a shitty one you can get it with even a lower IQ. Plus, we know how there’s cheating and other means of getting ahead, specially if you are a woman, more so a hottie one (not even necessarily fucking, but cock teasing can already give you benefits), and these things happen both in Brazil and Europe from what I have seen and heard. Anyway, just look at you, now, I know that you don’t have to have a Shakespearean command of the English language to get a degree in IT (as well as in the field I study), but your language skills leave much to be desired even for someone in in the STEM field (only if you got your degree abroad). Anyway, you can better see real intelligence in practice, for instance, someone who doesn’t cheat, doesn’t torment the professor to get information about test from him and who just pays attention in class, and studies much less than others outside it, but still gets the best grades in class, and when I think about such an example in real life, it’s a guy comes to mind.
Moreover, I also criticize the posture of women, perhaps even more than sheer intelligence, that is, for instance, what Mr. Spock said, how they don’t seem to look at the stars and wonder how they work, that’s why you can talk about feminism with any woman, but if you go into a deeper subject such as the war in Syria they don’t give much of a fuck. Just look at the women here at BG, I know they are on the minority, but I can’t think of one example of one of you who likes such deeper subjects on the comments section and forums besides gender studies, now I know most of men are also somewhat like that, but you still can find a significant proportion of ones who go into such subjects.
Sorry, this response turned out to be much longer than I had intended it to be.