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GDPR Harvester

I have nothing against black people, yet I despise nigga culture. I don’t think white culture is ideal, far from it, but I despise nigga culture. Their violence, corporal expression, sex exploitation in their music. I don’t want to force white culture on them, but I refuse to accept the nigga pride in their way. How many black people are free from nigga culture influence? Do I hate all of them? Am I racist?
Same goes to woman. I don’t hate woman, yet, I can assume to certain degree they are all in part sold to the feminist concept/ideal. I don’t want to force male supremacy on them, but I’m unable to accept their claims, and there are many. I hope we will come to a mid ground understanding… yet all we hear is feminists/woman fighting for more rights in the most insane fashion, for the most stupid reasons. Do I hate all woman?
Yes, I have to admit there are exceptions in both. There are, to a certain degree, good things we can bring from them, especially women, but to be proud of the wrong things just hurt me immensely.
I’m a terrible writer, I wished for more time to express myself and I don’t want for you to think this is the absolute me. I’m just trying to express a very difficult idea.

plus… I tend to exaggerate things in the main posts. I find the forums to be more intellectual 😛