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GDPR Harvester

Yet she is beautiful. Specially with that redhair. 😛 I saw the private comment you wrote to her and was about to comment on, but you erased. She is certainly more debatable then my sister or most girls and I like to talk to her. What can I say when most others that come along are far worse. I’m here to write a very long story of my life to the child I once raised. It should go as far as the day I left her and this here is more recent. I indeed have unbelievable stories. I already take her as a good friend, yet I wonder, if I not able to convince her astrology is crap, will I be able to convince her of anything else? I didn’t mess with her post as you did and she always treat me well. I guess there is no such thing as perfect friends. I hope you two make peace. I did learn a lot with her and I often ask for her opinion. So far I’m glad she is around. And you as well. Any chance you study biology or similar subject??