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I think it is purely experience, men in general probably have more experience driving, therefore drive more confidently, I live in Kent now, most people around here, women and men cannot drive for toffee. It drives me nuts. Women, generally, maybe due to having less experience, generally seem to drive slower and more carefully but therefore have fewer accidents…so it depends how we gauge ‘better drivers’ Asian people statistically have more accidents, nations that drive on the left have fewer accidents than those on the right…and so on, but this could be due to the more dominant side of the brain westerners generally have. Everything is general, experience makes everyone better, women are just as equal as men in general. I have a little 2 year old daughter, she is and I am sure will be vastly superior to me in almost every respect, I encourage her, she loves footballs, basketballs, she takes them to the park and kicks a ball better now than I did when I was ten, she speaks a few languages (I didn’t teach her). Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to say that if we brought our sons and daughters up to know they are equal like I do, then I think in time these differences at least in the Western world will lessen to a degree where they are at least not as noticeable.