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@desp Here’s the background:
Two thieves entered a cellphone store and announced that a robbery was taking place. They pointed a 32 caliber revolver towards a pregnant woman. They found out that the husband of the pregnant woman was a cop (who was probably off duty and was in plain clothes) and tried to shoot him, but the gun misfired. They tried to run away but the policeman opened fire on them. Besides the thieve you see in the video, who was shot in the neck, the other thief, who was a minor of 17, was shot in the leg, but the latter was able to escape. The thief in the video, who had been arrested multiple times by police before, ended up dying. The other, who had already been arrested by police once before, went to hospital, and after receiving treatment for his wound was arrested there, but ended up being released after a hearing because he was a minor.