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Yes i said those things because i simply wanted to hear the rebuke “even thoigh im not Christian……..” one of my favorites…and to illustrate your imperfection as well. Since i have suceeded in doing so, obviously i touched a nerve. That was my intent because it appears you always have to chime in on how wrong everyone else is on this site…but why dont you focus on yourself and your family? Its easy to insult and be a know it all but no one respects that. Much like you didnt respect what i just said about your husband. There are ways of saying things and getting your point across alot more effectively. Your second comment was a good way your first was about as effective as mine was (the one that offended you hence the reply). You see i couldve responded to your comment way up there in the forum when i read it and told you something untoward but i didnt because how can i know your reasoning and emotions behind why you chose your husband if you dont unneccesarily explain yourself. Plus it’s none of my business. But if you like to continue critisizing everything go ahead it doesnt bother me IM HAPPY and id rather communicate with people than just tell them or explain how im right all the time. Also as for controlling…i will be in control of my wife and what i say will be respected. Not because of abuse or anything like that but because good women dont mind letting go of the reins and letting a real man take control. Of course i will hear her out on my decisions but the choice will be mine and if she cant see or trust that i always put the best interests of US first then she shouldnt be with me or even try to pursue a relationship. Also if i dont want her dping something because i dont like it she shouldnt do it….heres the kicker!!!!! Because if she doesnt want me to do something she really doesnt like…out of respect for her im not going to do it. Now i know that burns ypu up…A MAN IN CONTROL. But sweetheart thats the way it is and will remain and thats why i prefer Christian women because they get it. They dont spend time fighting with their true nature. They submit to their roles wholly and completely no matter how hard!!! But we as men have to submit to our roles wholly and completely…no matter how hard!!! Its like being a parent. You have to provide for that child no matter the costs! Now if people want to do things another way, so be it, doesnt bother me. But what happens if a woman starts thinking “how do i tell my husband hes no longer good enough for me”?