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I see what you mean. You go to a place where people have similar tastes and mindsets, like a church or a club (specially a serious club, such as a reading club), and you are more likely to find the ideal girl. I have seen that already, a man a woman who go to the same church and end up getting married while many others are on and off relationships. It makes sense, though, what if you are much too eccentric or individualistic or have a very peculiar mindset to go to a place like this and be part of a community full time, what are you supposed to do? You’ve gotta take the best thing that comes your way, what else can you do?
Anyway, many people nowadays end up resorting to dating people who are co workers, or on the same college, which is perhaps the opposite of what you said about finding the ideal one as many people who are put into an office are quite different, and are there just by mere chance and not even show their true selves in such a contained environment. Perhaps that’s why many relationships don’t turn out well nowadays, that is, they are not lifelong relationships. Perhaps, the balls they had in decades past were good places to meet a partner, as the atmosphere was more relaxed, and things were more respectable than in the night clubs nowadays, in which people go just for the carnal shallow thing.