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Yeah. Its really hard to know what to even do nowadays, but if you can just throw the idea of wanting to be with someone or atleast try not to attach a relationship as a main precursor or image of happiness then you can live. And while living in whatever fashion (hopefully noble) you might meet the right person withput really trying because you wont have the stress of trying to impress on your back. Therefore, youd ideally be happy n free to be yourself and not just a image of what you want to be viewed as. And if a person likes that “real you” then you take time who is the “real them” and if you’re an honest no nonsense person (with enough time and observation) youll be able to see them as who tgey really are. Dont be afraid to spend the time being a companion and only that. But dont rush into a relationship that could potentially dig its claws in you because once you open your heart to love then youve made yourself vulnerable and once the heart wants there is no convincing it otherwise. Even if you made the wrong decision and let someone you didnt fully vet in or knew wasnt of honorable character. These are just thoughts and shouldnt be taken as truthful or as if i know what im saying or that it applies. I am simply speaking from the heart about myself and of things ive experienced.