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“Requirements for a date”
A date is not a wedding proposal. It is different from being with a same sex friend on the fact you can have dinner, go dancing and you can add lots of smiles to it. The purpose you guys imply are a bit excessive, like I’m going in a date to find my long life partner… From a religious perspective, its like you only copulate to have kids. It is actually very interesting to go on dates with people quite different from you, so you get to learn very different perspectives and do different things. If you don’t enjoy it, fine! Next!! So I have little requirements… Don’t be too annoying (there goes 1/4 of the population) and don’t expect me to pay the bill (there goes another 1/4 of the population). I no longer accept to pay the bills, It makes me feel like she is doing me a favor by being there.
I won’t lie, having a date with a pretty lady is really nice and pleasant when she is fun and smart as well. Joining all that is great so from here…a girlfriend… it also means commitment and exclusivity so I would add responsibility, character and more than head skills, a true passion for it 😉 . Now for the last one… I married once, oh boy, what a shit business it was… My list go longer than this post hahahaha.