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I like the doors and only song I like by starship is ‘miracles’ I’m trying to think of what else would be psychedelic rock.

hypnotherapy was a fluke and whim thing and ended in disaster but the parts that were good were really helpful. first I learned you have to be susceptible to it. meaning you have to want to do it. some people are simply unable to be hypnotized as they won’t allow it. I have to admit I was concerned that I would be put under and be made to do silly tasks or dumb shit that I wouldn’t remember and be weird. it’s sketchy area as you are indeed letting someone into your head but I was led to believe you won’t do or can’t be made to do something you wouldnt do when fully aware and its true. hard to explain but that is true. the more times I did it though I could tell I was indeed ‘going deeper’ and it got weird and I stopped but I wouldn’t ever do it again unless it was somehow someone I fully trusted in. it would be amazing option to explore if you’re into it, would you want to be hypnotist or hypnotee ( I paused I figured spell check would flag that doesn’t look like word)
it’s all about total mind relaxation and I remember pendulum type apparatus being used and later on merely countdown with numbers. was odd experience but totally works and I bet it could be used for nefarious purpose as power of suggestion swings lots of ways and for whatever reason the more I went deeper I fell and I began to continue to be fully aware I was just left confused after subsequent visits. it can go dark