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Mr Spock

Good points, @Itsplaster, @undergroundweller, @johnsingletongmosby

Itsplaster, more women than men are going into university these days.
However, I take your point, John. A university degree does not really mean anything, it is just demonstrates a certain standard you have reached at something, through hard work.
Therefore I can drop the degree thing.

However, the idea of ‘no strong opinions’, I just meant that she should not have strong opinions that drove you mad, i.e. excessively strong religious or political opinions, where the girl could just dump you because you do not have the same zeal as her. I.e. the girl who is annoyed that you won’t stand with her in the rain for 3 hours, whilst doing an anti-Brexit or anti-Abortion demonstration. Or the one that is pissed at you for not donating clothes to the Bangladeshi flood disaster relief etc.

That’s all I meant by ‘no strong opinions’. I.e. someone who is not ‘mad’ and extremely sensitive.

, I have a degree, but I don’t have strong opinions on anything, because I don’t feel strongly about anything, which is because I’m not really threatened or offended or appalled by anything, which is because a) I’m somewhat lacking in emotion. Emotionally, I’m a paraplegic who needs some training and b) I still try to be the best version of myself.