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@desp Your body measures didn’t help as I’m used to the metric system, and even then I’m bad with body measurements. But by your weigh and height you seem tasty, cough cough, slim so if you have some element of the alimentive type, it is not much too strong, much less your main type. You are somewhat taller than average but not that tall. Anyway, to check better if you are a thoracic put your hand palm down, like in the picture, and bring your fingers one next to the other in alignment, if they form a triangle, such as in the picture, with your middle finger being one tip of the triangle, and the base being more or less where your thumb merges with your hand, you are a thoracic. If it’s square you’re a muscular (look at Hulk Hogan and see how his head is square shaped, just like the muscular type on the figure which has square shaped hands, head and body). So, they argue that the traits you see, represent different levels of evolution, from left to right in the image I linked. The alimentive represents the least complex, as the digestive system was the first to have formed in the order of evolution, and the cerebral is the most evolved. So the alimentive is child like, for being the least evolved, and even appears more at a young age (the influence of types may change with age, I think, I can’t remember if that was in book or if I observed this). The thoracic is the second, after the alimentive, in the scale of evolution, and corresponds to people who have a respiratory/circulatory system that is more developed than the other systems in the body and influences the behavior of the person. So that’s why I told you if you were a thoracic because you’re jovial, that is, you have the “energy and spirit” of youth.
So, the thoracic gets easily bored with things, thus, it always seeking something new. For instance, the thoracic will fall in love passionately with someone this week, next week he/she will get bored with this person and fall in love passionately with another one. That’s another trait of the type, passion, that is, the fact that the type emanate vigor and energy. This is because the respiratory and circulatory systems transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells, which are used to generate energy, hence this type is so energetic. The type is usually quite social, thus, in need to be in contact with people and is the “life of the party”. Thoracic’s are trendy, because they are always in search of a thrill, of new things, so women in this type tend to dress in the latest fashion and love the latest art. Anyway, that’s a description of the type. Benedict, the author of the book, gives advice by the end of each chapter on which professional career each type ,or combination of types, should follow, as well as which other type to marry. I don’t remember exactly all the ocuppations listed, but thoracics make good entertainers and artists due to those characteristics I told you, sociability, energy and large lungs (which makes the thoracic a potentially good singer). Nevertheless, thoracics combined with other types have many other professions to choose, for instance, a thoracic combined with a cerebral will thrive as a scientist or as a writer etc. She also says that this type usually makes good money in life, for they work as to sustain their trendy style of living, even in a job they don’t like, although, many end up in financial trouble for spending too much, so an advice over a trait for the thoracic to improve upon is for him to control his spending. As to marriage, it’s a challenge for people of this type as they get bored easily with the other person and the lifestyle. I don’t remember the order of the types the author recommends marrying, but he/she can marry either a pure alimentive, muscular or another thoracic. Nevertheless, a thoracic shouldn’t marry a pure cerebral, for the latter doesn’t like the thrill the thoracic seeks, nor the bony type, for the bony tends to be asocial and likes to live in rural, frontier like, sparsely populated areas, whilst the thoracic likes to live in the city where his social character has lots of people to interact with and also because the thoracic is somewhat frail to endure the harsh conditions in the areas which the bony, which is a tough and rough type, endures.