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Lord Wankdust

The reason more men are in prison than women is that men are more stupid and tend to get caught. The judiciary is also weighted to see women as creatures who are weak and should be pitied as victims of crime (they are automatically victims simply by being women and being involved in a crime – even as a perpetrator). Women criminals and their lawyers play on this. There is always a percentile quantity of the population who will struggle with literacy, this leads to frustrations at the difficulty in gaining employment and a means of making their way in the world… for women the solution is that they become hair dressers, cooks, chefs, mothers, prostitutes etc. Men become resentful and sell drugs, become pimps and rob banks. Men’s arrogance means they are often higher profile, more visible and get caught more often.

Brazilian men however are mostly rampant homosexuals who love time on prison so that they can give each other blow-jobs, have masturbation parties in their cells, communal daisy-chains in the showers, rimming festivals, fisting competitions etc. Their outside of prison macho image means that they cannot be seen as cock-lovers at home so they have to commit little crimes to get thrown inside the Anal-Love Prisons. A Brazilian Man will steal a blind and dying old lady’s handbag just to get put in prison for a year of sodomy, fisting, rimming and blow-job parties.