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I actually do want to kill a few people. I kept a list in my journal over the years since there’s people I wanted to kill since I was about 14. Most have been deleted from the list. One remains from an incident in 2005. I would still kill them. When one of their family members died last year, I just thought “Karma” and I hope it hurt really deeply. That’s a very personal issue. And I have 2 other people whose deaths would just benefit mankind. The world would literally be better without them and it would satisfy me greatly. I’m not into torture or any of that. I’d just shoot them in the head – all 3 of them the same way. (I go on Spokeo from time to time just to know where they are.) I won’t go after people I want to kill but if by a weird miracle, I had the chance and would not get caught, I would end their lives. For now, I just wish them tragedy. Oddly, my family has had many cases of wishing bad Karma on people and then it happened – like our neighbors’ house burning to the ground, my crooked, slimy ex-employer having a complete nervous breakdown and one of those on my kill list got arrested for drug possession recently. Probably coincidence. It’s fun pretending it’s not.