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Mr Spock

When I was 25 years old, at the turn of the century, I attended a job interview and the boss said that to get the job, I have to tell a Jewish joke, as he was a Jew.

I am very professional, and said I didn’t know any. He said, “Oh come now. Quick witted chap like you must know one. Put it this way, you have impressed me up to now, don’t let me down”

I said “A Rabbi, A Priest, and an Imam are all grateful for what God has done for them. They decide to show gratitude by giving some money back to God’s purposes on Earth.

The Priest says “Get 1,000 gold coins. Draw a 1 metre circle on the ground. Throw the 1,000 coins into the air. Whatever lends inside the circle, we give to the Almighty!”

The Imam says “That would be a good idea, my dear brother. However let it be that whatever falls OUTSIDE the circle, instead, goes to Allah”

The Rabbi says. “Oh vey! Good idea my brothers. But here is my suggestion:
Throw the 1,000 gold coins into the air, above the circle. And whatever Yahweh wants, Yahweh keeps!””

My future boss said “That was not an original joke, I’ve heard that one before. However, YOU’RE HIRED!”