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@masterplan I didn’t cause confusion deliberately. Seriously. You don’t have to believe me but I don’t have a reason to lie.
I have figured out that no one seems to understand the concept of crimes that get longer sentences and thus a person who commits those crimes would be in longer.
Mark brought up fraud. If a woman got the maximum amount of time for fraud, her sentence would be less than someone who committed murder. If a man committed murder, he would be in longer than the woman who committed fraud. So when she leaves, he’s still in. And that happens on a grand scale.

I looked at several sources that said the same: If maximum penalties were applied to every person for every crime, there would still be more men in prison. Women will be released while more men are going in and joining the lifers already there. The nature of the crime seems to be what determines who’s in prison.
But I’ve mentioned this longer sentence thing like 500 times and fucking nobody can grasp it, I guess. Do people understand what a longer sentence is? Do they ignore the statement? I don’t know.
Whatever the case, I really wasn’t trying to be sneaky or whatnot. I truly believed people would understand that crimes and prison time are directly related (they don’t) and would give their opinion. My mistake. Sorry.