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Dear Plaster, I would like to add that the only names that you were called were Harpy (a monster described as a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with wings, which doesn’t look so terrible/also disagreeable woman, unpleasant woman) and a feminist. If you get offended by being called a feminist, I’m glad… Those are real monsters, you should never call yourself one. There was a lot of respect in here, unlike in the main gore posts, and I appreciate you keeping cool. Sorry for my change in reply at the last min, I swear I haven’t done it in purpose. You also said you don’t disagree/oppose anyone info on your 1st question… I guess no one disagree with you on the 2nd question ether, but, trying to pinpoint your target… Blacks compose 13% of american population, yet make up for 50% of violent crimes.
I would also agree with you in the fact that most abortions don’t belong on this tread, but in the other one you created. In the other hand Mark and Gnat do have the right to insist it belongs in here. Thanks Mark for the huge list of real cases of unfairness towards men, the fact that this injustice comes from the justice system undoubtedly makes it worse, yet not shocking. Most of us do know how bias the justice system is.