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Race-mixing leads to global homogenisation, for all races, and that’s no doubt what the elites want – a grey, monotone, uniform world with people who have no real loyalties to anywhere so are much easier to control than ethnically pure societies, much like David Icke says in the quote I provided above. Why would someone who is not ethnically or at least racially English (or any white nation) care about that nation, when they have no deep-rooted ties to it?

Miscegenation is always promoted in the media (which is owned by the same people who own the government) for these reasons. It’s ultimately destructive, and is the most vicious, spiteful and callous form of racism, for it dilutes two races with the goal of destroying the white race. I need not point out any particular examples to you of the MSM promotion of miscegenation, you need only turn on your television, or read a newspaper or a magazine, or watch a Hollywood film. It is everywhere, it is obviously being promoted for a reason; and do we think, just this once, that the NWO are doing it to be nice, because they want to help us, because it’s for our own good? NO! They are doing it because they are power-hungry, and white people are the staunchest obstacle in the way to their liberal, cultural Marxist utopia. It erodes all national boundaries and variables that make countries distinct, having the intended effect of making the whole globe far easier to control.

Incidentally, Muhammad Ali has similar thoughts:


The role feminism plays in all of this cannot be overstated. Feminism masquerades as a movement focused on women’s rights, to liberate women, but it is anything but. The main feminist route of attack is to mock and undermine women’s natural, traditional role as mothers and pillars of their communities by perpetuating the lie that the only real goal in life is careerism, hedonism, and the pursuit of money. It is a cruel form of oppression, aiming to decieve women into thinking their healthy biological urges to have children and families are part of the mythical plan of straight white males to oppress and put down everyone else. I have never heard anything quite so ridiculous as the “gender is a social construct” mantra of certain ultra-feminist and ultra-liberal groups, as if gender is of no more significance than shoe size.