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GDPR Harvester

I don’t understand why you had to copy my whole comment to reply @gnat… You seem to agree they can become “degenerates” despite a good upbringing, maybe you could agree some, or most, are born this way. I have many questions for you; Would you agree to abort them if chromosomes could tell this in advance?? What if it said 60% chance to be gay? Is a sterile child to be aborted as well?You may have answered this one already but I will ask you again; In a very traditional society what to do with those that insist to be gay?? Blowjobs don’t lead to children! Homosexual do contribute to society. Some homosexuals may fit to be good parents. Many of them are parents…
Ps: What to do with you if you fapped to Roberta Close in the old times?? 😛