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Mr Spock

Flip flops are boooooooring.
When I was 4 years old in 1979, my deputy headmaster dad hired a blonde American girl as a nanny to look after the sons and the home. She wanted some money to fund travelling and my dad was willing to help out. The first thing I remember of this girl was not her pretty face, but her Dr Scholls wooden exercise sandals. Very classy and old school, esp with red nail polish. I would just be staring there mesmerised at her feet. And maybe her personality.

Unfortunately she wasn’t that keen on me, she considered me a bit of an immature and mischievous brat. She was more taken in with my two taller, older, maturer and cleverer brothers (aged 7 and 11) who could actually have a conversation with her and they used to study and do stuff together.

I never lost the will to try to impress her and make her like me. I would demonstrate my tree-climbing skills, my bike riding down the hill skills, but to no avail. She told me to stop being so silly and get back inside, really cross. One day I drew a picture of the house, the sun, the car and the river next to it, and stole my brother’s watercolours to paint it and interrupted their discussions. She told me I was being a nuisance again by interrupting them. She grabbed my picture and tore it to pieces.

I was really crushed. I never tried to impress that girl again.

However, to this day I still don’t know why I find female feet in wooden Dr Scholls soooooo damn sexy. I can’t explain it.