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Lord Wankdust

@ Misanthrope The firecrotch Pictish Women you describe have a unique minge-scent in their mysterious glens. I have sampled two over the years, one from the North-East in Dundee and another from the South-West in Ayrshire. The Firecrotch Picts also have a singular and piquant clunge-flavour all of their own. During my four tours of duty in the North-East United States which I did during my twenties, I sampled two American women who were pleased to make a firm connection to my throbbing Scottish jizz-caber. My accent (or “brogue”) was like a magic key to their silky purses. Neither had firecrotches, one had a shrubby poodle-style muff, the other gave me my first sight of a “Laurel Canyon Sweep” (Laurel Canyon was a popular young woman who made a series of adult and art-style films and who gained some celebrity for smoothly shaving her labia majora while retaining a manicured short fuzz up front as a landing strip). It is commonplace now, but was back then in the 1980’s an exotic novelty and a unique selling-point in the crowded porn marketplace. When I got back home to Scotland I told a pal about this unusualy manicured Stench Trench I had encountered and he simply could not believe it.
It is this kind of Cultural Exchange and Knowledge which makes our countries so great and this site so special for all of us. I might actually start a thread devoted to this very subject “Scents and Flavours – A Study of Haddock Pasties I have eaten and pumped 1980-2017”