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this is nice post. happy to have came across it. @trailer you read to me more likeyou struggle with shyness rather than anxiety issue although maybe one begets the other. I have struggled with both, I was horribly shy and even today have my moments which has led to severe social anxiety, at times crippling. I think I trained myself to be less shy just because my self-imposed (shy) ‘scene’ inevitably led to silent super freakout (ANXIETY). focusing more on shyness aspect I think it stems from diminished confidence and fear of coming off a fool. I found it invaluable to no longer give a fuck what Others think about me but in your case if goal is to meet new people that outright dismissiveness may not be so beneficial. I would suggest purchasing yourself nice new t-shirt, new jeans. something you feel good in and travel to club or activity distant to home. where no one knows you , no preconceived notions and practice. nothing lost if you fumble or fall fool as you need to truly embrace putting yourself out there without fear of failure. the more you sit at (…) and casually say hello to both men and women you will see conversations aren’t that difficult to develop. it won’t seem such monumental task to casually float around room and interact. set your alarm on phone in ten minute increments to create ‘save’ if needed “pardon me I have to take this..” bolt or if unneeded hit snooze lol . your conversationalist will appreciate your not being rude and favoring call over them. shyness can be debilitating cure it with confidence. in tiny window I see, you have great sense of humor. not crude and i haven’t felt creep vibe. the more you interact with others more you will appreciate your own self lol but again builds confidence. updates would be cool, good luck to you.