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Lord Wankdust


Open that can of worms. If that can of worms cannot be opened on here… then it cannot be opened anywhere. You will keep it inside of you, the worms will mutate, the can will get rusty, disintegrate and the mutated worms will eat their way out of you. And it wont be an interesting slightly sexy experience like the Chinese guy with the eel jammed in his Council Gritter.

Remember you are among friends here, sharing is caring and the process will probably help Alyssa who has taken the trouble to photograph and share her birthing of a hairbrush from her rusty sheriff’s badge. The sooner we get everything out in the open the sooner we can all move on and start feeling better about ourselves. A good example of this would be the dental crown/ shit-sifting/ Lady Wankdust’s toothbrush incident. I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was terrible.