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“As for the single mothers comment, I think PEOPLE believe that kids raised in single-mother households statistically represent a large number of criminals and that MAY BE completely true. However, and this is good news for society, since the mid-90s, the number of single-mother households has risen but crime as a whole has gone down. I’M NOT IN FAVOR OF SINGLE-PARENT HOUSEHOLDS so this is just information I’m sharing and not part of an opinion.”
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If I could add to the topic… Unless you eliminate divorce, there will be single parents…Should the child go to the first parent that finds a mate? The worse for the child is to have conflictive parents… A child of a single parent receive often, more guidance than kids in huge families… It really depend on the parents… Having two separated parents can be troublesome. A family with two coherent parents is sure the ideal… but my final opinion is that most parents are terrible, despite their efforts.
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