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Now that you say it like that. It makes me remember that friendships even as young kids were more adventurous. I know and have known for a while that kids dont get out much nowadays. But, i remember even as a kid me and my friends would here a spooky, scary, or interesting story about some place or one of us would meet a new friend and we would all hop on our bikes and go explore abandoned places. We would go outside and play different sports or go to the park. Then sometimes we would put all pur change together and buy a box of chicken or whatever we could afford and eat together. Never did we really even call eachother on the phone we would just show up at eachothers houses. I lived in the city but still, there was just more activities we enjoyed as genuine friends that really knew eachother. Not just what we posted about ourselves on SC and FB while playing video games all day. I enjoyed your story and it seems alot more exciting than mine but there is an underlying similarity between them