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Lord Wankdust

No problem CryBaby. However I am not concerned with shit as I am uninterested in travelling in the shit canal. Enjoy your shit CryBaby. Some guy’s idea of marvellous sex is sticking their cock up a whore’s anus in order to enjoyably hurt her, plus that “tender” act involves the guy performing a warm water enema before he goes in… CryBaby enjoy yourself. Anal fissures sure don’t heal themselves and I don’t suppose you hang around with your “whore” long enough afterwards to sort out the antibiotics or pay for the arse surgery and sphincter reconstruction. I find your speciality is a bit niche, unhealthy and shit-fixated for me. There are those who are anally-fixated on their own bumholes and then there are those who are fixated on other people’s poop chutes and their contents, flavours and textures… However, CryBaby, whichever way you look at it, the anus is a refuse chute and if you “perform” an enema on it then you only get a refuse chute which has had warm water passed along it. Fairly wakes up the bacteria does warm water. You’d really need very hot bleach and a steel-wool scouring pad and plenty of elbow grease (right up to your elbow by the way) to get that kinda bacteria laden-surface really clean, and then it would only be clean briefly before the body pumped some bacteria-soaked fart-gas and turd-juice along the pipes to brew up another batch of rancid anal streptococcal bacterial filth.
You only get filth in vaginas if you shove a shitty dick in them, disease them with a diseased dick or actually shit in the vagina itself (I understand this is a niche turd-lover’s act of sexual delight). Otherwise vaginas are one of Nature’s Wonders… a delightful 28-day, self-cleaning, muscular tidal pool of delicious sea food, verdant fronds and enticing currents.
Rancid turdy canal or beautiful marine pool? I know where I use my rod.