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Personally, I feel that all you guys are way off the mark, heres my take;

The Jews, lets start with them, long before they created Zionism,freemasonry, illuminati,the jesuits(all just jewish masks), they were hated, yes or no? Long before they controlled our banks,our news media, google, youtube, our own governments through control of the banking system, Hollywood, basically all information at this point. The war for our minds was won by them,long ago, hence the mass confusion, contradictions, hypocrisy, double standards,twisted meanings(ANTIFA are in fact the fascists railling against fascism) pure absurdity, I think you’ll agree, a 180ΒΊ in fact, its all just “jew speak” in my opinion. The media and all the governments are guilty of this in their rhetoric and their actions and policies, which never make sense, do they?

Recently the British Prime minister; Teresa May(a Rothschild puppet) criticized President Trump(another Rothschild puppet) on what he said or supposedly didn’t say or what he should’ve said, its a total mind-fuck! its all just scripted theatre created by the writers of our reality, “the think tanks”.

Democracy is bullshit! “its an illusion of choice” George Carlin. Elections are not rigged in the sense we think they are, elections are just more theatre, the second act, so to speak. Fake polls get us ready for their pre-selected candidates of choice, but ALL elections are COMPARTMENTALIZED to such a degree that it stunned me, back in 2005 when I had once volunteered. You hand your ‘count’ to one person, he/she collects other ‘counts’, then hands it to another person, so who the fuck knows if the ‘head counter’ just makes up the numbers to fit the polls, that we’ve all been programmed to believe.

I put it to you that if Polls and Elections were in fact real, then Nigel Farage would probably be 80% in the polls and would obviously be the real UK Prime Minister, but NO! we’re told hes at about 2 or 3% in the polls, I call bullshit on that one I’m afraid.

We have a massive problem with “acid attacks” here in London now, rapes all over Europe, terrorist attacks(or as I call them “false flags” to further create hatred between all the races of the UK and Europe and point it towards muslims ONLY). All the while we have open borders, its sheer lunacy! But please don’t be fooled by those that say its because of the mis-guided mentality of a certain liberalistic frame of mind, No! its Insidious, malicious and PLANNED. Nor should you accept that our politicians are doing it because “their heart is in the right place”, again bull-fucking-shit I say!.

Now, I’m guessing that you think that democracy is real, that our politicians were democratically elected, that the left vs right paradigm is also real, that ISIS is real,(or should that be Israel) … now I could go on a rant for 100s of paragraphs, I could write a book that would never see the light of day, let alone get published, but but BUT to cut my premise way way shorter than I probably should, I just think that muslims are the pawns, as are we, and unless we checkmate the kings once and for all, we’re fucked, basically.

So why are they banning(not TRYING to ban, they’ve been banning and are continuing to ban) free speech? Condemnation is the first step in getting you to hate something therefore you can then disregard everything the condemned has to say. Free speech allows for hate speech, but the brain-washed masses have to hate free speech first. That’s “Jew think” for ya.