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Empty soul


That Trump is a friend of Israel is a fact, Netanyahjew himself personally praises the guy on a regular basis. His daughter is also married to one.

Netanyahjew’s own son, Yair Netanyahjew, also recently said that he considers the American left-wing to be more dangerous than Neo-Nazis.

What we can put together from all of this is that Israel currently considers left-wingers to be a greater threat to Zionism than right-wingers. Why?, because even though both the far-left and the right dislike Jews with a passion the far-left are currently far more numerous and organised than the right simply because they have been allowed to breed their ideology unopposed for a long time now using the very same trick as the Jews themselves, the victim card.

If I were to make an educated guess then I would say that the left are being wound up on purpose in order to carry out what I proposed in my comment above, that they are being provided with both the time and rope for them to inadvertently hang themselves and become public enemy number one. The end result is that their strength gets depleted and their reputation and ability to organise ruined.

The above sets a social political environment wherein both the left and right are forced into a more moderate, non threatening position. A more controllable population in other words. That Trump plays both the left and the right against each other by refusing to outwardly back either horse makes sense then within this line of thinking.

Still, a Clinton government would not have made any difference because publicly elected leaders get inserted into non publicly elected systems so once in the individual becomes the system and not the other way around. All we get is a new face every now and then but with the exact same mental faculties as before, a puppet in other words.

If no one voted either we would still get a puppet forced upon us anyway so until there appears to be a better way of going about change we must bide our time and survive until then which is also why I am quite enjoying the left’s misery and current breakdown because their politically correct, race traitorous fuckwitted behaviour is giving me the shits.