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Lord Wankdust

I am always considerate and thoughtful when dealing with women. But there are times when one has to take a firm hand and be a man.
Take for example a few years back… following a leg injury I was forced to spend a few months on my back, in bed taking strong painkillers. This had a disastrous effect on my digestive system and the effects of the enforced bed-rest, digestive and bowel problems and the side effects of the drugs meant I was in pretty bad shape. I developed extensive septic hemorrhoids and also bedsores and some nasty boils on my backside caused by pressure, ingrowing hairs and my inability to wash or shower. The long term effects of Co-Codamol meant I was cripplingly constipated – the passing of huge dry stools had caused tearing and bleeding in my anus and puffy sphincter which already had clusters of hemorrhoids hanging out. As if that wasn’t enough, my vigorous daily masturbation regime had left my poor cock with blisters and boils on the shaft, a badly torn foreskin and a nasty rash of pus-filled spots on my swollen helmet. An admittedly silly attempt by myself to self-medicate with Whiskey and Laxatives had left me catastrophically incontinent at the faucet and the slurry pit and I was also under constant bowel and stomach pressure from enormous build-ups of flatus (stinking farts and foul burps).
My Doctor at the time was a lady doctor but I couldn’t go and see her at the Medical Centre or let her make a house call to come and see me, because I couldn’t bear the thought of her getting all turned-on, horny and moist-in-the-gusset when she was examining me. I am more than just a slab of big-cocked man-meat.