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Thank you brother.

I remember talking on different topics on YT and forums about all kind of terrorism that government(read: Enemy) doing to us and, people asked how to deal with ignorance that they see and how to wake up friends and others..
First of all, we should never flood anyone with informations.
-I have smart friend who talk very clearly but he can be lost into digression in a blink of eye. Why? Because he want to awake people as fast as possible, choking them with floods of info, not giving them a time to process and that my friend is huge mistake.
I told him few times to chill out and leave people opportunity to give their view but instead, he tries to reassure them of being wrong, bury them deeper into incredible boring moments due complete flooding of information(i. e. Person not even trying to process after 5 th sentence).

When i saw The Arrivals(incredible documentary), they mention in one part how to deal with ignorance but i can’t find where exactly is.
They told that, when you have to explain someone about any conspiracy against humanity…Let’s say you have someone very thirsty asking you for watter. Give him a half coup and if he ask more, give half coup. Let he stand thirsty for more but if you give him a 1 gallon he is out, “knowing” everything.
I so people many times thinking that they “got it!” after few minutes of talk.

Also, we must check if person have enough intelligence to process informations..

On the end, you’re not brutal while sharing it.
I remember myself being so aggressive about chemtrails topic in 2008: People called me crazy and i was in shock how they don’t understand. It deeply got me and changed me to understand disappointed fact that large amount of people are simply stupid. Seriously.
Now, we all have our goods and bads but when you talk to someone about, let say, sunshine, they are lost on even most strongest arguments.
I speak with very educated man few days ago and topic was Flat Earth.
I told him: “Listen my friend, i am not that educated as yourself so please, don’t came to me with science as i am simply guy who just using simple logic and sense in guts. I just want to ask you to tell me what you think, how far is sun here..” and i show him this video:

and this

and…Guy started to explain how planet looks and layers and that all is round and this and that….I told him with respect(he is older dude) to explain how far is sun and to explain rays.
“Don’t you see that sun is not THAT far for Christ sakes?”
And he started again and again with science explanation of something so obvious to eyes that doesn’t need science at all.
-I believe, if we find some native in Amazon, who never saw Tell_Evil_Vision and nothing from this “civilization”(we are much more primitive, it’s clear as theorems 🙂 to explain how far sunshine is, we will got reality check answer.

We are indoctrinated and we even don’t know it, just like some lite junkie who snort speed and blow weed from time to time but doesn’t catch that he becoming paranoid and stupid in the same time but he is aware only of fact that he’s ass losing all teethes.