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I think first few rounds Mayweather was sizing up McGregor and otherwise learning him and it was odd beginning too as neither of them appeared to have true boxer’s stance. after 4th fight was all Mayweather with few notable hits by McGregor. after 8th McGregor was so tired he could barely stand and after taking a hit in the 9th he looked up to clock to see how much time was left in round and you knew he was pretty much done. McGregor held his own though if he wouldn’t have gotten so fatigued and landed some combinations I think he could have won it even though it was obvious when Mayweather hit them punches fucking hurt.
I would be shocked if there was ever a rematch, I don’t see the point however I would be less shocked if McGregor attempted another run at boxing. I would like to see it. he would make nice hit on Mayweather but rather than go in for kill he would back off, not sure if he was tired or what but way too much lost opportunity left in ring