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Lord Wankdust


Thank you for your excellent suggestion of a “foreign travel kit” to deal with any erectile and jizz-bolt-shooting difficulties any Scotsman travelling abroad might encounter. However, I must confess having successfully squirted my hot demon seed deep into a few damp misty glens in various parts of the world (including France, Spain, Ireland and the USA) it was only in England where I found the air to be toxic to my successful jizzing. And only on that first visit. This instance was back in 1982 remember, by the late 1980’s I was jetting half-pints of my rich emulsifier up the bifurcation of an Oxfordshire lass in a Grade 2 Listed Building in the Cotswolds deep in the honeysuckled lanes of rural Englands Home Counties. I am talking about robustly fucking an English Rose in a cottage as English as can be…
* Beautiful Oak floors and wrought iron latch oak doors throughout its three floor levels.
* Squared Oak windows with mullions and transoms.
* Blue slated roof with parapetted gables. Also features like copings, corbels, finials and kneelers.
* Fine ashlar chimneys.

I think it might have been a case of getting acclimatised to English air and accents back in 1982. But whatever happens I would suggest that one should persevere and bash-on regardless.

Marky Ramones Wig – I do think that your suggestion of a “foreign travel kit” should be suggested to young scottish men of shagging age when they visit England for the first time.