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The main take away is that there is no match to the idiocy of Trump salad tossers.

What we have here is a president who’s hell bent on oppressing the American people like no other president has ever done, so he goes full police state, gives cops every power they need to effectively run the police state, removes any and all mechanisms that may hold abusive cops to account, strikes down previous orders that sought to avoid turning America into a police state, and then uses his corrupt cops to protect the AntiFa, because they are his and his handlers’ tools to achieve their goals, all the while retarded Americans wear “Make America Great Again” hats, thinking Trump is on their side. LOL, definitely the biggest tools of all. Along with the producer of the video.

Trump cares about everyone else featured in the video, because they are the means to the end desired by the Jew. The only ones Trump doesn’t care about, both in words and actions, are Trump voters and his salad tossers. Tossers, that’s about the right word that fits them all well.