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@mrspock Anyone who wears any jewelry that can rust when it’s cleaned with soap and water is retarded, lol. Most people choose surgical steel. A few people like gold or silver – you don’t see wedding bands rusting off due to hand-washing – but even it has fillers. Steel is the way to go. It absolutely does not rust.

As far as this post is concerned, a septum ring and earrings are the same because the only complaint is the way it looks; not it’s safety. Although, smart of you to think of the health aspect. Since people get their upper ear (cartilage) pierced A LOT, that’s not really an issue either to most people. It comes down to disliking the look, which is fine. But it’s no different than other unnatural body mods including pierced ears that little children are allowed to get. It’s very unnatural to stab metal rods through a 3-year-olds’ ears. :/

I like piercings on some men and not others. I’m not a fan of just one single earring on a guy.