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Itsplaster, once again, displays her solipsism and extreme narcissistic personality disorder again. Notice how she again, feels the need to interject herself and her lifestyle into her response. She is convinced she is the great unicorn and being so, is reason enough, in her views,for men to take a chance in marriage. She thinks because she put the down payment on her house, she is absolved from being a gold digger. My question is, does she gather the resources that are essential to Modern life like oil,gas,lumber, operate heavy equipment, or any of the many many other dangerous and often life threatening jobs that make her able to gather her down payment so easy? Was her ability to achieve this, from what is known and proven as the GENDER OCCUPATIONAL GAP? Women will always say they are the exception. They think nawalt- not all women are like that. But they are wrong. Itsplaster thinks this man should not marry this whore because she lied to him but women are always lying or omit things consciously or not. Think about this……itsplaster is not concerned with the real life destroying dangers that a man faces from marriage and is only implying that this mans worries should be that this women will lie. Fuck that. Men should never get married because it’s a slave racket and anyone who denies this is either ok with it because they HAVE A STAKE IN IT, are indifferent or playing extremly stupid.
Men who get married face a myriad of dangerous likelihoods. False domestic violence claims, slaving away to provide,only to be hated for always being away. Despised for being able to provide. Cuckolded! Alienated from his children and becoming only an enforcer of violence and punishment to said children, BY PROXY FROM THE FEMALE who “cant handle them”, leaving her to be viewed as nurturing and loving,even though she initiated the violence. Married men also face divorce rape at about a chance of 75%. Who plays knowing those odds? White knight, simp, mangina, pussy addicted men,thats who.
They will do ANYTHING FOR ACCESS to vagina and take heed boys, these men will kill you to keep that addiction fed! Married men face much more than just hurt feeling from being lied to, in marriage. I could go on….but as usual I’ll just link my video were I break it all down so eloquent.
If you are not angry,you are unaware, or regard the current state of marriage FAVORABLY I.E. Exploitation = Females.