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Im a girl so I don’t know how any of that feels I just know I didn’t like how it looked. I jumped through it because I couldn’t bear to watch it. I definitely watched first minute in it’s entirety and that silly tongue work just seemed unnecessary and how could you even feel that? (may have been when you had hand on it, helping..) I then jumped to maybe three minute mark or so when she took you down her throat but she even made that look shitty. she just didn’t seem enthused like she wanted to get you off. well I’m sure she wanted to get you off because she didn’t want to be doing it anymore. I didn’t even like her positioning she should have been up on knees maybe and head cocked to side a bit. really fucking your dick with her mouth not 5minutes of swirley tongue on tip shit and all them hands? that’s filler blowjob that ain’t I am going to slam your dick down my throat and into my belly till you just can’t help but jizz against my uvula™ blowjob