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I’m a recovered self harmer. I didn’t get anywhere to near the bone, but I have cut into fat and got stitches several times. It hurts less over time and at the right time like when you’re anxious or pissed. Also where the pain depends on the area. For example, im a female and could cut into my boobs no problem because of the flesh underneath. My stomach hurt like hell to cut, my thighs were ok. My favorite was the forearm though. To cut, make sure you have a newer blade that is sharp. I would put one point into my skin, look away, count to 3, and then as hard as I could drag it across my arm. Usually about 1 inch cuts. The sides being smaller and the center being deeper. Then I’d repeat on the same cut to get deeper. It actually isn’t that agonizing until you do it about 3 times. Not sure if that will help you get super deep, but it sure helped me. Nothing more satisfying then pulling the fat out of the gape in your wrist. Hahah. I’m really experienced with cutting, If you have any more questions or talk feel free to email me @ [email protected]