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I have tried myself on many occasions, in engaging my B-G Sisters, and Brothers Alike, with what i though was going to be somewhat entertaining, and a fresh, non-mainstream alternative Topic, when creating my Forum Pages. But what i have discovered instead, and to my dismay, is the fact that most people on here do not seem to be interested, even the slightest bit, in learning something truthful, and Mind Blowing, for a change. But instead they would much rather talk about everyday boring type of FACEBOOK CRAP. And the fact that this nonsense, and garbage talk, takes precedence over discussing what should be of paramount importance to us all, like our Children’s future, their mental health, and their overall development, and well being, “completely blows me away”. Doesn’t anybody truly care about their Children’s Future, Quality of life, and their overall livelihood anymore? Because if we did “”ALL THE LIES”” and bullshit that Their (SCHOOL’S OF INDOCTRINATION) continue to teach them, by drilling into their heads that we are all just nothing but dust, are unimportant, and insignificant concerning our Mother Earth, and it’s true origins, would stop, but only if we really wanted it to, and decided to speak up. Cause in actual fact, it has been proven that our world was really created with (Intelligent design, and by a Creator, or GOD), but they are making us all think that we are nothing but the product of two rocks hitting together, that there is, and has never been NO GOD. And by continuing to get away with these lies it will continue to cheat them out of the things that really matter in life. And as a result they will continue to grow-up as Narcissist Individuals, that fear no repercussions,for their selfish, evil, and perverted behavior because all they will constantly think about is ME, ME, ME.