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@Cody I knew that i liked you in my first 5 minutes of conversing with yourself. Your honesty, and unselfish regard for others can only come from the love you continuously receive from above my man. And once we let him in to our lives, our whole perspective on Mother Earth, it’s beautiful creations, and surroundings, it begins to change us all for the better. But more importantly, if we take a minute and learn how to “SEE”, instead of just “LOOKING” you will start to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. And just like a newborn Baby, who opens his eyes for the first time in total awe, and amazement, you will again start to “SEE” “with a new set of eyes” what we used to take for granted everyday. πŸ™‚ And then,,, we begin to notice all the Intelligent lives, that like ourselves,, have a purpose in life, and share our world, even down to the tiniest little critters all around us, that work together when collecting food for their young, or when building shelters for the cold Winter months ahead, in order to keep their families, and, or, their communities safe. And just by observing this little miracle before our very own eyes we begin to appreciate, the little things by realizing that we are not all that different than those cute little hard working dudes just trying “like us” to survive, reproduce, and thrive, after all. And for myself, our living, and breathing, cute little neighbors, are just so totally incredible to observe, as they go about their day, that i cannot deny the fact that Mother Nature had her hand in it while creating, or building our home,to work in Perfect Harmony with one another. I Truly believe that “God Himself” when planning our world, made sure to take care of our every little need, and he had nothing but perfection in mind, as we were, and still are, that important to him. Now with this being said, i still ask myself this crucial question everyday of,, (How Can Anybody Ever Even Remotely Not Consider The Possibility That Our Close To Perfect World, Could Not Have Been Created, Or Intelligently Designed by a God, Or Creator)i will never understand. The best reason that i can come up with is that nobody thinks for themselves anymore, but instead they put all their trust in Their Crooked Governments, and The Elite, as they consider them their Gods with all their fake Science Lies, and their denial of there being a God. Also, because of their Phone Games, and Facebook taking all their time, they would much rather let others do the critical thinking for them instead of thinking for themselves. Now if, and when, they would ever decide to Wake-Up and start thinking for themselves, instead of letting others do the thinking for them, the fact that there is a God, or a Creator, would start to make so much more sense to them, cause like i have stated previously, that if they started “TO SEE” instead of just looking, they would come to the realization, & conclusion themselves, that The Big-Bang “Theory Is Nonsense” that we are not the product of two rocks hitting together, and that creation itself did not just randomly happen. But what they want us to believe instead, is that our creation was, and still is non important, and nothing but a meaningless haphazard. And this way, by removing, or, by hiding God from us all, they have succeeded in their paramount goal of purposely shaping us all, to become nothing more than their slaves, and their product of Evil, Sadistic, Ultra-Perverted, and Anal Probing Selfish beings. And by doing this they have achieved their desired results, and their ultimate goal of turning us all into Cold, Money Hungry Atheists, just like themselves, that will settle for nothing less than total domination, & control our whole life, including how, and what we think, with their very precisely, and expertly laid out plan. They watch our every move, by providing us all with toys like I-Phones, and video games in order to keep our eyes looking down while at the same time, they are hell bent on removing God from our lives in order for us to become nothing but Selfish Narcissists, and consumers of filth, like Porn, and Drugs, to replace what we are missing in life, so we spend our whole lives in search of instant gratifications in order to fill the void of feeling like there is something missing in their lives, and that void is Gods unconditional Love, and without this love, we are all doomed. So we must continue to spread the truth, and what really matters in life. πŸ™‚