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@cody It would be my pleasure to do so, but please be forewarned that it would have to be written in probably 10 parts, or like a mini-series of some sorts, lol, because my life has been quite the unbelievable experience, and as my Wife says,,, I am on my 11th. life, unlike the Cat Morris who had 9 lives, lol. Yea, i think that you’s will all be shocked at the amount of violence, and misery, that this little Boy (myself at the time), had to go through, witness, and being part of, at such a tender young age. When this all stated, i was about 4 or 5 years old. It is such a pleasant experience when conversing with someone as yourself @cody that it is myself that is completely Humbled by it. This is the first time in all my many years on here that i have been able to discuss real life changing issues with another Member. Besides, of course @vincitomnioaveritas and myself having many discussions on private E-Mails, & Such. But because Mark is so (Truly Busy) most of the time, with all the bullshit that Canada has put him through, his many moves, and relocation’s since arriving, and living in Dominica, and to top it all off, working on an active Animal Farm, while still trying to run his site, and answering hundreds of E-Mails “sometimes daily”, i was amazed that he could even spare the time to converse with me at times, but he was always nice, and took the time to do so. 🙂 But the long, and in dept, conversations like ours have been @cody, about life in general, in our short time together as B-G Brothers, has been awesome, to say the very least, cause even though there is quite the age difference between both of us individuals, we have tons in common. And the fact that i can discuss these true, and important topics with a young, and very mature guy like yourself, still blows me completely away. Most young guys your age only want to talk about Pussy, lol, Drugs, Booze, and Fast Cars, but unfortunately these combinations when mixed together, give them a top spot on the pages of Best-Gore, lol, lol. 🙂