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🙂 Happy 1st. Anniversary @itsplaster my Darling B-G Sister 🙂
One of the many things on B-G that has always made the site more interesting for me, has been whenever i was reading, and trying to understand Mark, and Yourself, and your sometimes heated exchanges,lol, while discussing, and, or sharing your differing views, and thoughts. And to do it like Mark, and Yourself have done for what seems like forever, lol, just goes to show us, that anything is possible when people strive to keep an open mind, and remain mature throughout their discussions when debating. This way they can then begin to build a mutual respect, and understanding for each other while expressing their concerns, without the need for insults, or degrading comments towards each other, when speaking, and standing up for both your rights, & beliefs. 🙂
The video below i think describes Best, the sometimes complicated, but cute relationship, that Mark, and Yourself have been striving to share hun.
Andre. 🙂

Lol, Awww Man,,, i love you both just the way you’s are. 🙂