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Exactly, @Lucythepussy as this is my number one concern also. But even if he is ok, ( and i hope he is and uninjured) i think that he might return home for some much needed rest, and to also get a chance to reflect on where he will go to reside, or what he will do next. He has been waiting for so long to get this damn approval for Citizenship as an Political Asylum Seeker (in order to get a Dominican Passport) from the Government, that as @Despy has said, i doubt it will get done ANYTIME SOON after this tragedy. So yea,,, that’s my take on it, back home to his Native Country of Slovakia is where i think that he will be headed. His family, including his 2 Nieces will be so incredibly overjoyed to see him, that it brings tears to my eyes cause it reminds me of my nieces after not seeing them for 5 or 6 mts. As for a Fundraiser, that sound like a great idea, but i have also mentioned this to Mark, less than a month, or so ago, and he did not sound so enthusiastic about it, partly because it is better for him tpo send a list of his needs cause over there anything you purchase costs you about 8 to 10 times the price, and that’s if you can even get it to begin with. 🙁 His damn brake pads for his car would have cost him 5 times more and taken 6 to 8 weeks just to order them, meanwhile they want full payment in advance, and an exise tax of 50% or even higher of the actual cost of your item, CRAZY-SHIT EH??? So i asked him to send me a list of everything that he needed, and i shipped it off after a 7 hr. drive there and back. But the reward that it gave me to see his smiling face once received, my Wife, & I will never, Ever forget. (Fuck I Miss Him Man), and i just called his phone, and even (Our Contact At The Venezuelan Embassy) to see if his Spanish Teacher had heard Anything from him, cause he is a short distance from there now that he moved back near Roseau,,, but again both numbers to no avail. 🙁