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You speak the truth Rev Dilf. Some pick scabs to pass the time and some take a shit. Literally, take your shit and pop it into a large zip-lok bag.

Do not trust such scat rustlers. They place it on a shrine and polish the corn fragments to shine like the gold in my shoelaces. They will place the Alpha logs in their yard. This scat-scraping is the closest they will ever get to true greatness. The girth of an Alpha turd shall be prominently displayed resting upon ONLY the finest fescues surrounded by finely manicured hedges.

Fecal financing is becoming a heavy trend. Alpha scat, pinched off in 10oz logs are now being traded on the commodities market and soon on NASDAQ.

Betas are not so bad. After all, they are 1st place Omegas. I feel sympathy as they come to me bringing gifts. Beware my Alpha proclaimer! Some bring gifts with larceny in their hearts. They bring the finest cuisines cooked in their modest homes in hopes of rich returns in the form of superior Alpha duke. They hide in the shadows then disguise themselves as a golden toilet in your bathroom. They want you to read the Wallstreet Journal while dropping mondo cash with peanut tones into their laps.

Heed these warnings. If your golden toilet hands you the sports page or sneezes at your peppercorn crusted prime rib residues, you sir have a felonious beta under your rich anus.