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The Captain

The highlight of my night was watching a homeless guy looking at real estate listings….I found it inspiring, you know even though he was a degenerate loser drunk, he still believed in a dream…unless he was just scrubby dot com billionaire, or just a crazy person staring at a wall that happened to have real estate listings…but either way…inspiring…
I saw a group of hitchhiking girls earlier today, just on the side of the road hitchhiking in the middle of the city and I thought “If only they weren’t fat, I would totally steal a car and go on an adventure with them”…but since they were fat…I had no interest in writing our own movie because I guess fat girls ruin everything…or maybe just my willingness to break laws and experience excitement…my soul sucked out of me like I was the soft serve ice cream machine at the all you can eat buffet said fat chicks were at before the hitchhike, you know where they spent all their taxi money on donuts…