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      Hello, I have been a long time admirer of BestGore, but I have only just created an account〜!

      「..Technically, I made this account around a month ago but.. I did not use it very much at all.」

      Ahah. Anyway! ♡
      My name is Florian Wū, you may also call me Flori, I am nineteen years old and I am from Washington, USA.
      My birthday is actually on Valentine’s Day, which I think is pretty cute!
      I am a homosexual man with a passion for all that is beautiful.
      I consider myself to be a huge masochist, but I am not currently looking for anyone, for I already have the most perfect master and husband I could ever dream of..!

      I am an abuse survivor, though my traumas have left me with some pretty nasty mental illnesses that really affect my day to day functioning.
      I am pretty bitter about this stuff, though I am happy to lend advice to those who are suffering.

      My favorite type of gore is medical gore, closely followed by fatal animal attacks and then trailed by really gritty, low quality torture videos. Unbeatable!

      If you would ever like to talk about gore, life, or just shoot the breeze, I am more than happy to oblige.
      Humor me and send me a message, I am not as terrible as you may think! ♡

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