20 Yr. Old man, learning the world.

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      Hello, world. I for the last few months have found myself coming to this site more and more frequently and am to the point where I visit once or twice a day. Though only recently I discovered the forums. While it doesn’t exactly seem bolstering with activity, it does seem to have a slow growing community that talks about a wide variety of topics in ways I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, if I were to describe it, it would be that people here aren’t generally sensitive and can handle an argument rationally with logic instead of just U.S. and Canadian feminist logic. Whether the topics be politics, cringeworthy SJW things, world events you don’t see on the news, etc. the list goes on, and what I like most of all is there always seems to be someone who has an opinion, often times one that can be discussed or added onto.

      I hope to learn from and get to know you all.

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      Pérez Soriano

      Good Evening and I know that barely anyone here gets mads.

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