9/11 Flight Attendant Cee Cee Lyles: "It's a frame"

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      Ex cop, Cee Cee Lyles was a flight attendant abroad flight 93. She apparently made several calls to her husband whilst on the plane. The first of which he missed and was caught by the answering machine.

      This recording raises many questions, like how was she even able to make phone calls from the plane. Her husband didn’t believe this was possible. When you listen to the call there’s a distinct lack of the type of background noise you hear on a plane in flight. How would she know they were going to hit the World Trade Center?

      The first half of her call seems incredibly scripted, repeatedly saying she was on the plane. At the end just before she hangs up you can hear her say “It’s a frame“. Then after that “Sorry“. The sorry is quiet, you might need headphones to hear it.

      She almost certainly had some Mossad agent’s gun pointed at her head while she was made to read this, and was killed right after.

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