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      Lord Lundin

      Hi there fellow Best Gore brothers and sisters.
      I’m a lerker though every now and again when I’m bored I’ll post something that’s relevant or funny to me.
      My name is Andreas, I’m from the leftraped Swedestan. I’ve been in every political alignment possible, from extreme left to extreme liberal (in the traditional sense).
      However, no matter where I stood in the idiological spectrum I always felt that the people above me – teachers, government-representatives, and of course the media and the herd of brainwashed sheep were trying to mannipulate me – what to think and to feel. I felt that such a behaviour was very detremental to free-thinking people, because even though my thoughts were very left at one point I was “punished” (by exclusion) for thinking something that was just a little bit different than the herd.
      I’ve always been immigrant sceptic and I guess it finally caught up to me. And I’m not even blaming the immigrants entirely. If someone who’s prone to rape someone else gets the opertunity that person will of course rape, figuratively speaking this talks about the government and how the immigrants are served on a silver platter.
      And ever since I started hanging out on best gore I’ve seen with my own eyes that niggers are some of the most savage beasts out there.
      I would write more but I’m finally getting bored of it.
      I’ll end this by saying, that this video really opened up my eyes to niggers as a whole. And it’s even a mainstream source.

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      It’s not their fault they’re less evolved

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      GDPR Harvester

      “Man has dominated man to his detriment.” Ecclesiastes 8:9

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      Zombie Nuts

      Hey ya guys! I’ve been lurking around for about a month, so I decided to join. I’m not a serial killer, but seeing people with their brains splattered makes me quite happy.

      Something weird happened, when I saw the video of the Russian nude girl who smacked her head on a pole from a moving car, I was so turned on. I kind of ended up jerking off to the pic of her dead head shot. It kind of creeped me out, since I’ve never jerked off to a dead woman before. I probably would’ve fucked her corpse though.

      Nice to meet everyone!!


      Don’t get run over by a big truck, unless someone is filming it.

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        Where is the picture of her dead head shot? I think I saw the same vid from efukt but haven’t seen the picture of the dead head! And good on you btw for speaking out and talking on the site! I finally did the same today. It feels weirdly like freedom! haha 🙂 – Christian

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      Lord Lundin

      I suppose the only reason I’d wank to such a thing is to see Darwin-justice in action.

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      Lord Lundin

      Oh and … I’m no longer a leftist. I suppose not everything their politic stands for is bad, but what they represent as a whole coupled with the hipocracy about being honest and open leaves me disgusted for everyone who choose to follow such idiologies.

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      Swedestan nice place!

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