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      you wonder why people get a gun and shoot each other

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      Its probably only going to get worse

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      @icecreamlair well said and I agree. The Roman empire lasted for hundreds of years more than the united states has, and in today’s day and age their is too many variables for our own demise to name a few;
      Nuclear War
      Natural disasters
      I’m sure there are more ways the USA could topple for good.
      If I were a betting man I would say we won’t last as long aa the Roman empire did.

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      Empty soul

      The system(be it religious, social and/or political) only ever starts falling when the majority propping it up decides to no longer stand and fight for it. Which, more often than not, tends to be the result of them no longer personally gaining from it.

      The Roman Empire fell because the elites at that time(The Roman Senate) got too greedy and rich and so became detached from everyday reality and this alienated everyone else thus causing a conflict of interest in which the numbers were not on their side.

      America as it stands today however is a different beast because the ones demanding change the most are the minority elements elevated to stardom via a heavily biased and focused liberal lens and this makes them far more noticeable but far less influential.

      The disenfranchised lower orders of the majority population however only wants to attain what the others have, not to change the game itself.

      Perhaps if the America “change team” stopped focusing so much on the minority elements and instead attempted to get the disenfranchised majority on their side they might actually create some change for once.

      This cartoon is not accurate in the slightest then because being lost can mean anything in this libtard snowflake age. It can even mean not being accepted as a gender/sexual being that you and I have never even heard of.

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      @Emptysoul I hear what you’re saying and I can say youre probably right for the most part but as far as the video goes you have to realize that while it’s not entirely accurate it has been simplified to come from the perspective of a child lost in the world. You can argue that people don’t literally stare at their phones comatose droning in swarms, a lot of people for the most part are on their cellphones all day, people use cellphones as a crutch to talk and display emotion (emojis) to the point they could not have a conversation and display the emotions they feel inside (especially younger generations) when he accidentily bumps into someone on the subway they are angered and intolerant , the police are beating down someone who obviously has been subdued (think about all the police violence) people use their cellphones to make their life (and physical appearances) into something that is far from reality (female uses filters to make her and her room look beautiful) whilst the beautiful female has her picking of any man she wants, she knows their are many many men she could date but picks the one that looks very handsome. All of that is the current reality we live in. Of course this is a 3 minute long cartoon but it gets the points across.

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      I don’t think this is an accurate depiction of modern American society, I think this is a depiction of modern Western society as a whole and of some Asian countries too such as South Korea. It is only accurate regarding the addiction to technology, especially the damned smartphones, used by not smart people to see stupid, trivial, useless stuff.

      I don’t like cellphones at all and I only have one because my older brother gave his old one to me. It’s a Sony Xperia, it’s a good one but I barely use it and as of now he hasn’t been turned on for 3 days. I see these cellphone addicted zombies all the time, even at places where there’s no need to use cellphones. At the gym for instance, after doing a series of exercises you’re supposed to wait 1 to 3 minutes before continuing. I observed that the first thing some people do right after putting the weights down is to grab their filthy cellphones and start reading and typing stuff on them. Nothing useful I’m sure. If their hands are not occupied lifting weights or doing some other stuff they can’t wait 1 minute without use their phones, that’s a fucking disease.

      Now regarding the fall of the Roman Empire, a lot of combined factors contributed to their demise but the single most important one was that they became a huge multicultural society where the natives that were culturally and racially linked to founders of the Empire were a minority amongst the rest of the people who made part of that society. It got hard to control a State of that size.

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      @eraserhead2 ahh yes its a western society thing for sure.
      The gym thing is annoying I haven’t went to the gym in years but when I did people would sit on a machine/ bench texting in between sets and alot of people get butthurt when you walk up and ask if you can work in your set, like they own the machine. I’m using a cellphone to type this because I have nothing else but I am very conscious about my use and actually I have not had a cellphone except for a few brief periods during my adult life. I would never subscribe to a contract company or anything like that or probably buy a cellphone of my own, my mom actually bought this and my straight talk plan because I wouldn’t buy one and she worried about me . lol. The Roman Empire stuff is interesting I’ve never really researched it or learned about it except maybe in middle school history class but I wasn’t at all interested about stuff like that back then.

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